Helpful painting tips

Helpful painting tips

Before calling in our experienced specialists from Paingting Services London, it is only natural that you prepare all the rooms required for plastering and painting beforehand.

Do empty the room, cover the heavy furniture and other difficult to move objects, and put together all the necessary tools and materials for painting, such as rollers and brushes and buckets of paint. Once our specialists from Paingting Services London start work they will scrape the unstable old paint, still you could help greatly if you clean the dust and dirt from the sills, windows and doors with a towel so that nothing will interfere with the new layers of paint.

Repair works

If there are some small repair works needed on the walls before plastering and painting your property in London, you can count on our experts. They will remove all nails and screws from the wall and fill all holes, cracks and other unevenness; what’s more, they will rinse the filled areas to obtain some smooth surface so that nobody could notice any of the repair works done. Then they could continue with plastering and then painting the walls in the colour you have chosen. Our specialists from Paingting Services London will first paint the large areas with a roller, and then proceed to the edges and other small areas with a paint brush.

Helpful tips

It’s best to remember that in general you should have the walls and ceilings of your property in London repaired, replastered and repainted every 2-3 years so that to maintain the fresh look of the room and having the overall atmosphere changed. The most sensible thing to do is start with  this process during the warmer months of the year when the windows and balconies are open almost all day round hence the premises are quickly ventilated. Additionally, the warm air will accelerate the drying of the painted areas, and the unpleasant smell will not dazzle your head.

To sum up, naturally, the most important element in (pre-) painting the home is the materials - and the colour you have chosen for the walls. You can search for the symbolism of colours according to Feng Shui, you can pick up some ideas from the latest trends for the interior of the modern home in London, or you can simply let your imagination guide you. Whatever you do, the main thing to keep in mind, however, is that before applying any nuance to them, the walls should be perfectly plastered (by a specialist - the experts at Paingting Services London  are the best);  all cornices, paintings and ornaments should be removed, and the corners of the ceiling should be protected with a wide paper bonding tape, so as not to stain the ceiling with paint.