Preparing the room for painting - or simply called ’pre-painting’

Preparing the room for painting

Nowadays, there are all kinds of materials for painting the walls of the dwelling available on the market. However, some of the most preferred are latex and latex based paints. Latex is easy to apply, dries quickly, could be washed with water, offers a rich colour gamut (usually added to white latex paint) and lasts for a long time without refreshing. For the bathroom and kitchen (the rooms where the most moisture is collected), experts recommend the so-called "breathable" latex.

5 pre-painting steps 

Once you have chosen the color for your London home, it is time to proceed to the actual (pre-) painting of the walls in your home. Pre-conditioning of the premises is the most important thing to save you all the headaches that you are so worried about.

  • Get the room in your flat or house in London ready by removing as much furniture and as many decorative elements as possible away; pieces of furniture that are too big and cannot be removed should be, at least, moved to the centre of the room and covered with dustsheets.
  • Protect the floors by putting any dustsheets or large pieces of newspaper - in any case you can buy some disposable dustsheets made of thin plastic or use any old materials that could be thrown away afterwards. Do not forget to stick the sheets down to the floor otherwise you or some of the people working could easily trip over and fall.Of course, always check the manufacturers directions before applying the tape so that you could be sure it will not damage the floor covering in any way. If possible remove any carpets and rugs.
  • Do not forget to remove, if possible, the lampshades from the walls and ceilings, remove the lamps fittings too. In case it is not too hard work, remove the radiators from the walls so that the painting specialists from Paingting Services London will have all the room to do their magic. 
  • In case the walls in your home in London are in good condition you can simply wash them with sugar soap and water solution; then it would be much easier for our specialist from Paingting Services London to start applying the new coat of paint, it will not only stick to the surface better but it will be much brighter as well. Of course, it would be best if you wash the walls one day prior to the day the specialist arrives since you need to make sure the walls are completely dry before starting painting.
  • In case the walls and the ceiling are not in good condition and there are some cracks in them you can ask our experienced specialist from Paingting Services London to fill them up; still as cracks appear over time in corners, around windows, between the wall and the skirting, you should carefully inspect the whole room and then pinpoint each and every crack that you find to our specialist so that they could fill it up and do the plastering afterwards. It is probably best if you attach some pieces of tape next to the little cracks you see in the ceiling or in the walls so that the painting specialist does not miss them. 

Follow these simple tips so that you can get the rooms in your London property ready for the painting specialists from Paingting Services London to complete their work in the best way possible.